Top 5 Hotels to Celebrate Christmas

Holiday season gets us always in thoughts, what to do, to go out or to stay home, if out where to enjoy the dinner or if home what food to cook. This we call the holiday dilemma.

Some of us enjoy celebrating the festival at home while some others love to explore various destinations of the world. Christmas except the fact is a religion celebration and everyone feels enthusiasm about It, the way how its celebrated depends on us.

Talking about people that prefer to go out during these holidays we can say that there are many wonderful Christmas holiday destinations in the world where you can celebrate.  And yes, at this point we can suggest you some of the most beautiful direction, to make your celebration special.

Here are couple of hotels around the world where you can enjoy your Christmas time.

1.      The Fife Arms: Braemar, Scotland






First on this list takes place The Fife Arms, an an antiques-packed 19th-century retreat within, and it is the perfect destination if you enjoy fishing, foraging and hiking

The hotel is located 9 miles from Balmoral, the Royal Family’s residence in Scotland.

Guests can wrap themselves in sheepskin blankets and sip mulled wine in a twinkling courtyard warmed by fire pits. Festive afternoon tea is served in the Clunie Dining Room.

2.      Hotel Plaza Athénée: Paris






What makes this place special is the the skating rink for kids surrounded by tiny white lights, this brings  a bit of extra winter magic to Christmas.

3.      The Plaza: New York






If you want to enjoy Tea and Christmas at the same time, we suggest you The Plaza, located in New York.


4.      Ojai Valley Inn: Ojai, California






Ojai Valley Inn offers you the treatment that you may be looking for, starting with golf, tennis, yoga and many, all in one place.

5.      Fairmont Scottsdale Princess: Scottsdale, Arizona






If you are a fan of animated shows, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is the perfect place for you. An animated holiday light show, a four-lane ice slide, VIP igloos, two skating rinks, trains and more than 6 million lights: It’s safe to say that the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess doesn’t believe in holding back for Christmas.


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