All You Need to Know to Cook the Perfect Turkey!

You don’t need to have doubts in cooking turkey if you follow our simple tips:

  1. What size is needed?

Calculate approximately 380gr of turkey meat per person (whole bone). That way you will have the rest for the next day.

Let it thaw completely before cooking. The turkey should be thawed at room temperature wrapped in its packaging (which can be bags, cardboard boxes, etc.) by periodically checking the cavity to remove the underwear. Once there are no more ice crystals inside and the legs can bend easily, the turkey should be covered with cellophane paper and placed in the refrigerator where it is left to thaw completely. It needs to be cooked within 24 hours from the moment of thawing.

  1. Calculate the amount of filling…

We insert the filling from the cavity located at the end of the turkey neck, calculating 230gr filling for each 2.3kg of turkey. We “sew” the skin with toothpicks or a kitchen needle so that the filling does not come out during cooking.

Cook to perfection…

Weigh the turkey after you have filled it, coat it with butter on the surface, wrap it in aluminum foil and cook it in a preheated oven at 190 ° C. Plan for the rooster to be ready at least an hour and a half before you start eating so that it rests inside the oven, but also to give it some leeway if it is still pink inside. To obtain a golden skin, remove the aluminum foil one hour before the end of the cooking time.

  1. How do we know if it is cooked inside?

Cut the thinnest part of the thigh skin with the tip of a knife. The liquid that will come out should be transparent, without any traces of pink color. Once the turkey is fully cooked, wrap it in aluminum foil and leave it in a warm place for at least an hour before you start eating it.

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