6 Hot Alcoholic Drinks to Try This Cold Winter!

Hot alcoholic beverages to warm your friends and guests. Hot amaretto chocolate, hot wine, wild eggs and more!

Temperatures have dropped, the festive season is near and nothing says quite well winter comfort like a small hot drink or another alcoholic hot drink. Wrap up warm and enjoy one (or more, we won’t judge you) of this year’s most popular winter cocktails with the recipes below.

Peppermint with a twist in hot chocolate

A drink of mint liqueur in hot chocolate is sometimes the after-dinner treatment that the evening requires, especially if you create a cream to add another layer of flavor. A sugar cane for decoration and the ends up!

Hot Wine

It has never been easier to make soft summer, and the great benefit is that it fills your home with a glorious Christmas breeze. This version includes a scoop of Scandinavian spirit aquavit, which you can buy or make at home by adding vodka.

Hot Rum With Butter

Warm, spicy rum with ground ginger, cloves, cinnamon and oranges is just what you need on a cold winter night. Adding a small amount of butter makes it soft and decadent.

Hot Todd

A hot recipe for Todd with whiskey, ginger wine, honey and lemon – the perfect thing to keep you warm on cold winter evenings and soothe you if you get sick.

Hot Todd in Lemsip style

A tonic to bring a glow of coldness and fragility, igniting the inner fire. Whiskey is an excellent decongestant, and alcohol helps you sleep. There is such a thing as a lot of hot todi though – moderation is essential if your goal is to feel better.

Christmas Strudel

Famous berry and apple liqueur this time we bring by adding apple juice, cloves and nutmeg with a sweet cream tip for something really special.

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