5 Most Searched Dishes on Google During 2021

If you are a regular user of Tok-tok, you must have come across with different dishes you can easily cook, starting with the famous pasta with cheese and cherry tomatoes. But this recipe was not the only one in the list of the most searched dishes on Google for 2021.

5. Shogayaki – Japanese dish. “Shoga” means ginger while “yaki” means grill or fry. The recipe contains pork (but can also be beef) and is the second most popular Japanese dish. Other ingredients are soy sauce, myrrh, onion, garlic and sugar.

4. Charcuterie board – a plate or board contains a variety of cooked or roasted meats. When served, it is often accompanied by cheese, bread, tomatoes, olives, fruit and other ingredients as desired.

3. Sliced ​​pasta – the famous and simple recipe of Tok-tok. A large slice of cheese and cherry tomatoes are placed in the oven, accompanied by spices and olive oil. Later we press them creating a treacherous sauce and toss the pasta on top.

2. Nasi goreng – a dish from Southeast Asia with fried rice, cooked with pieces of meat and vegetables. The main ingredients are fried rice, meat or vegetables, variety of spices and soy sauce.

1.Tacos birria – famous tacos which contains tortilla, meat, dried peppers, sauce, etc.

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