This is The Happiest Place in The World, Where You Will Find Even The “Ministry of Happiness”

This mysterious and picturesque country is located between India and China in South Asia, was undiscovered by tourists until 1974. Today, after much effort, tourists from all over the world can visit Bhutan, although the procedures are terribly lengthy, as the king of the country tries to limit the number of tourists. Until 1999, the use of television and the Internet was strictly prohibited in Bhutan. After it was seen that it was impossible to stay away from technology, it was decided to repeal the law.

To ensure peace of mind, the Happiness Committee was formed in 2008. Furthermore, there is the Ministry of Happiness, which determines the balance of financial, mental and spiritual values. In Bhutan, there is no one living on the streets. If someone loses their home or is homeless, all they have to do is turn to King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, who immediately takes care to give them a piece of land where they can live. It is clear why people consider themselves very happy.

Every resident has the right to receive free medical care. The cultivation and sale of tobacco is prohibited. It is practically impossible to buy tobacco. Tourists must have a set of necessary documents and must pay a fee if they want to take cigarettes with them.

The place shows an extraordinary care for ecology and nature. In 2015, Bhutan set a world record by planting 50,000 trees in just one hour. Women are the most respected in the country. All property, personal belongings and other possessions go to the eldest daughter, not the son.

Today, the world is constantly striving for “bio” things. In Bhutan, there are no problems of this kind. It is illegal to use chemical products. Everything is cultivated within the country in completely natural methods.

There is no traffic in the capital Thimphu, no traffic lights, but this is not a problem for pedestrians. There are traffic police on all roads. Although this country seems to have very strict measures, the people of Bhutan are very friendly and happy.

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