3 most relaxing places to spend holidays in Europe

Travel experts at OVO Network, a platform for stunning locations and attractions, have compiled a list of the quietest holiday destinations in Europe. So, perfect places if you are looking for a quiet “escape”, away from the noise and fast life.

The experts combined data from Google Maps and local statistics on air pollution and population density.

  1. Hvar, Croatia: small island where are located some of the best hotels in Europe. It is also famous for its lavender fields and convenient to visit by boat.

  2. Gruyeres, Switzerland: Takes the second place, it is known for its cheese and spa; Swiss mountain town; convenient to visit by foot and also known for its fresh air.

  3. Zahara de la Sierra, Spain: Has a small population, also a variety of spas. The city is made of a mix of churches, souvenir shops and bars.

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