8 Tips You Need to Know to Skate Like a Professional

If you like skating but you have it for the first time, here are some practical tips, to practice this sport with confidence and to learn it as soon as possible ..

1. Do not lower your head while practicing. Surprisingly, all skaters, instead of looking in the right direction, keep their eyes on the ground. No, keep your head up, at least to see what or who you will collide with.

2. Get good skates. If you are skating for the first time on ice, borrow or rent comfortable skates, but if you have decided to continue this sport, buy a pair of quality skates, which live long and above all, stand well on their feet.

3. Tie the skates well. Make sure that they are not too narrow, that your legs are not numb, but not too wide, because that way they risk not giving you the proper security.

4. Heating should be done slowly. Since skating is a sport that takes place on the ice rink, you will initially feel a little cold to the muscles. Before skating, it is not advisable to do “stretching”, as this can damage the muscles, but dress well (not so much as to impede your movements) and do some slight bending or warming up.

5. Take skating course. If you really want to learn the basics of skating, then you should definitely take a course on this. You can also take a friend with you, because when you are accompanied, you feel calmer on the ice.

6. Be careful with your posture. When skating, do not lean back because you risk falling back, or worse. The best advice is to stay on your knees and keep your weight forward. Also keep your arms forward and fully open to maintain balance.

7. Go in the right direction. The direction you take for the first time may not be what you would like, but there is a rule that must be followed on the ice: either clockwise, or counterclockwise. Do not try to skate in the wrong direction because you risk hurting others and yourself.

8. Do not get upset with it. When you fall (which will probably happen often), do not get nervous, deal with laughter and get back on your feet and keep sliding on the ice. Don’t blame yourself or skating, because even the best skaters sometimes fall. It can even be fun.

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