Camping Holidays, Advantages and Disadvantages

Vacationing in camping tents seems like a fun adventure, especially if you are a large social group. The most important detail of  this trip is that you can have the camping tents without sending too much money.  But of course on the other hand there are also disadvantages, which must be considered.


#1:  Save money- If you go to a campsite, so you do not take care of the tent, mattress and other materials like these, save money because the price per night is almost half the average price of vacation homes or hotels. A camping tent are usually low costs and breakfast is most of the time included.

#2:  Closed to the beach- Camping tents are set up in an area where the sea is very close, which means you will not have to drive or walk long distances.

#3: Endless fun-  In the camps there are usually certain areas where young people gather in the evenings, cook something, play cards, sing (if you are lucky, someone will have a guitar with them). Music bars are also a good opportunity to have fun.

#4: Meeting New People- You will have the chance to get to talk with other people that you may not know  while standing by the fire late at night or happened to be with you at the dining table. Basically this might be the possibility of meeting new people, why not new loves, is not ruled out.

#5: New experience- If you are used to be relaxed always  in hotels or beach rooms, relaxing in tents is definitely a new experience. You may not fit in, but you have no choice but to try it.



 #1:  Uncomfortable sleep- Prepare yourself that the mattress where you will sleep is not necessarily (it is not at all in fact) feathered, which means that you will not have a sweet sleep. If you are used to sleeping alone in comfortable environments, maybe camping is not for you.

#2:  Equipment costs- This applies to people who want to buy camping equipment themselves. It should be said that prices are different depending on the quality, but generally cost around 10,000 ALL.

#3:  Insect problems- We believe that you realize that you are outdoors, in nature and it happens that some butterflies can accompany you. But it is worth noting that you can buy insect repellents.

 # 4: No private Bathroom- Must be prepared that there will be no bathtub to relax for hours and you will share the same toilet and shower with several people.

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