Best Cities in The World For 2021, According Time Out Magazine

Time Out Magazine – which focuses on content related to art, entertainment, food, beverages, tourist destinations, hotels and other similar things for cities around the world – has compiled a list of the top 10 cities for this year.

“When we compiled the list, we were not only thinking about the present, but also about the future. For the cities that make life better for us and for other generations,” said Time Out.

To create the list, the magazine collaborated with its editors around the world and surveyed 27,000 residents in various cities. For the ranking, nightlife, restaurants, cultural sites, Covid restrictions, including environmental initiatives and activism in general were taken into account, among others.

Time Out writes that San Francisco’s “incomparable combination of progress, acceptance and sustainability” put it in first place.

San Francisco- California, USA


Amsterdam-  Netherlands

Manchester- United Kingdom

Copenhagen- Denmark


New York- USA 

Montréal- Canada

Praga- Czech Republic

Tel Aviv – Israel 


Porto, Portugal

Tokyo, Japan

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