Top International Destinations For Economic Holidays in 2022 ?!

Are you planning to have some vacations in 2022? We think that you are.

Of course we will always want to consider the prices of the hotel and transportation, the cost of activities and meals, and the restrictions and policies of COVID-19 of the destination.

KAYAK, a travel website, lists these 10 cities as “portfolio friendly international destinations” with the cheapest months to book travel.

Mexico City (May)
Toronto (February)
Montreal (February)
Bogota, Colombia (February)
Vancouver, British Columbia (January)
Cancun, Mexico (January)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (January)
San Jose, Costa Rica (May)
San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico (January)
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (January)

In international destinations the most convenient places to visit this year are:

Bali, Indonesia
Lisbon, Portugal

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