Skiing Tips You Must Know

What’ s exiting in winter , is the fact that we are able to enjoy snow time. And the best way to enjoy it is to ski, but unfortunately not each one of us is able to ski in the best way possible.

As the excitement of skiing takes our feelings in another level, we tend to forget that health comes first, and jumping into it without knowing the basic thing, might end up not that good.  But let’s learn and enjoy the most exciting sport, in one of the greatest environments.

Here are some tips that will help you out, starting from what to wear and  how to ski:

  1. Check your Jacket and Boots

First you need to protect yourself from cold, so the first thing to do is to wear the jacked right and the most important to zip it.  Be sure to get your boots clip correctly and remember not to tuck your trousers inside!

Regarding to what to wear or not during skiing you need to keep in mind that the face mask is not needed unless is frigid, don’t wear novelty hats and you don’t need to wear a backpack.

  1. Skis must be carried in the right way

Keep them over your shoulder, the bases should be facing each other and the tips pointing forwards, bindings resting just behind the shoulder.

  1. It is important to be careful and save yourself during skiing. This whole process is up to you and how much you believe in yourself, because it might look really exiting to watch but really dangerous to practice it.  Keep in mind:
  • Relax Your Toes.
  • Flex Your Ankles
  • Keep Your Shins Against the Tongues of Your Boots.
  • Put Pressure on Your Ski Tips to Start a Turn
  • Roll Your Skis from Edge to Edge
  • Keep Your Skis Parallel.
  • Keep Your Hands Forward
  • Plant Your Pole Down the Hill.
  • Stay Centered in Powder.
  • Look Ahead, Not at Your Skis

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