Top Appropriate Countries For Solo Exploration

Travel restrictions seems to be almost gone, and now is the moment for us to visit all the places and countries planed during pandemic and restrictions.

According to Explore tour specialists, about 60% of bookings in 2022 are for single travelers so far, – 27% more than pre-pandemic levels. But what is known so far is the increased number of people joining small group trips, over the last two years.

What is important to mention in this situation, is the destination that would be the safest to travel alone, and of course the place where you won’t feel the absence of the other people. And that’s why we are here for, to help you out with the perfect place to stay.

Here are the top 7  best countries appropriate for solo exploration:

1- Rome, Italy

2- New Delhi, India

3- Bangkok, Thailand

4- Istanbul, Turkey

5- Jaipur, India

6- Athens, Greece

7- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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