Hiking In Hot Weather Tips

Summer means getting ready for a walk in hot weather. Dealing with heat is a fact of life and not just on desert trails.
During this period of time sometimes we hesitate to do our favorite activities and any other activity, which might be going to work, having a coffee with your friends etc.
But the best part of sunny days is the “freedom” you have to explore alpine lake, a mountain peak, or a stunning slot canyon. The sun brings extreme heat, and one thing is for sure, we cannot stop it! At this point our job is to get protected by the rays,  because only in this way is possible to continue the day without any problem.
When it comes to hiking, the protection should be double, and as always we got your back! We got the tips you need to know before hiking.

1- The very first thing you need to do after putting you sunscreen is to start your trip early in the morning. We already know the reason, waking up early will help you have a comfort trip, and somehow with less strong sunny rays.

2- Keep always in mind that as much covered your body you will be, the better you will feel. We suggest you to wear light, loose, sweat-wicking clothes, but not cotton.

3- Stay hydrated. Make sure you’ve prepared for your hike by packing enough of water or other fluids with electrolytes. 

4 – Check the weather. You never know how the weather in mountains will be, because in the cities during summer, most of the time we have high temperatures and strong rays. But this might not be the same situation there.

5 – Keep in mind the Signs of Heat Stroke.  Heat exhaustion causes heat stroke, and if you seam to have any of this sings, you have to take it seriously. Headache, dizziness, heavy perspiration, clammy skin, shallow breathing, and muscle cramps are all symptoms of heat exhaustion.

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