Mistakes To Avoid When Booking a Room

After thinking about the city/country you want to visit this summer, the next step is the place you will stay, and the most important thing is the room you will choose. At this point you have to choose really wisely.

Before booking a hotel room we suggest you to keep in mind e few elements. Martin Seeley, a sleep expert at ‘MattressNextDay’, says that when booking your hotel room, consider looking for a room that is upstairs, so in this way you will be lees bothered by any noise.

Also make sure that your room is far from the elevator to avoid the possible noises, that might keep you awake. But when it comes to safety and security, a security expert said you should never go above the fourth floor. Lloyd Figgins, a former soldier and now travel risk expert, said:

The most important thing that is overlooked is the risk of fire. Be sure to stay between the second and fourth floors of the hotel as fire stairs rarely reach above the fourth floor.

Temperatures are as well a good reason to not get a good sleep.  So in order to avoid this part we suggest to find a room that offers the conditioning system. Set the air conditioner at 15.6 to 19.4 degrees Celsius at least two hours before night to produce the ideal sleeping environment.

Climate change is causing nights to warm quicker than days in some nations, and scientists now believe there is a correlation between hotter weather and less sleep in some parts of the world, according to a new research. Danish researchers examined confidential data from tens of thousands of smartwatches and wristbands from across the world. Are you trying to figure out where you’ll spend your summer vacation?

Even though we already have the opportunity to go everywhere in the globe, we don’t have the “power” to pick a specific destination.  At this point we must feel lucky because, ‘Airbnb’ has just released a detailed analysis that outlines the top places where people are flocking this summer, so you can either plan your vacation in a hotspot or escape the crowds by going someplace else.

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