Make Your Disney World Trip Less Expensive- Here Is How

If you ever thought that going to Disney World might be a bit expensive, we have to prove you wrong.

Kayleigh Price used to be a Disney World staff member and has reviled some tips so you won’t have to spend to much money.  She has uncovered items to avoid buying if you want to save money – and where to get them.

As a first recommendation, Kayleigh Price advised against purchasing professional photo packages, which may cost up to $ 199. Get them for free instead. “Any employee can take pictures of you from your personal device, such as your phone or camera,” she wrote in Insider. You may also download as many gorgeous photographs as you like for free.

Her second recommendation is to avoid paying for parking, which is not included in the purchase of the park ticket and can cost up to $ 25 per car per day. You can receive free parking if you are aware of this. ““If you are staying at any of the Disney resorts, even the cheapest ones, parking is free in all parks,” she remarked. Parking at Disney Springs (the largest shopping and dining center in Disney World) is free, so if you go there first to shop or eat, you can take one of the free Disney buses to the resorts and transfer to a bus. to the parks”

She also advises against spending money on a premium Disney resort if you plan on spending all day in the parks; you may save money by staying someplace else. “If your only purpose at Disney is to go to the parks every day, why spend all your money on a resort when you are not even on most of your trip?” she said.

She also struggles with her second bit of advise, which is to avoid spending money on mementos and instead create a budget and consider if you actually need anything before purchasing it. “Sometimes when I’m in a Disney store, something comes up and I feel the need to buy everything I see,” she explained. “But I’m here to remind you (and yourself) to practice a little self-control and ask yourself if you will ever use the souvenir.”

Her final piece of advise is to avoid purchasing bottled water because free glasses of water are available in the parks. “Instead of buying a $ 5 bottle of water whenever you are thirsty, you can go to any fast food restaurant around the parks and ask for a free glass of water.” she explained.

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