Perfect City Breaks For a Weekend Escape

Are you in the mood for a quick trip? There are a lot of excuses when it comes to packing your luggage and traveling to new places. Take a few days off, pretend to be a tourist, and have fun. To give you a boost, we’ve compiled a list of locations that will help you to choose the destinations in a right way.

Let’s start with visiting the new art galleries in Nantes, dining with sea views at Porto’s trendiest restaurant, or taking a boat tour of Zurich is simply a matter of scheduling dates; the desire is there. Take a break from your computer, from your typical plans, and be ready to catch the next flight.


A few hours of flight will land in you “another world”, full of color and contrasts. Its winding lanes, punctuated by souks, palaces, and beautiful gardens, invite you to get lost. Its enchanting and engulfing ambiance is worth savoring slowly, taking in every element of what has become Morocco’s most cosmopolitan city. You must not leave without: Observing the panoramic view of the city from one of the terraces of the famed Jemaa el Fna Square, the greatest way to experience its rhythm.


The atmosphere, attractiveness, and location of the Portuguese city make it an ideal visit for those with little time. Its creative revival, as shown in street art murals and the emergence of new businesses, is also a compelling reason to visit. In addition to the must-see attractions like the Don Luis I bridge, the Lello bookshop is included, which, according to Hogwarts, is one of the most beautiful in the world. To lunch, Sara Carbonero recommended the Praia da Luz restaurant, which is known for its delectable traditional meals and stunning sunsets over the sea.


This little French city, which has a perpetual aura of innovation that coexists with its rich history, is an excellent choice for a quick vacation if you already know Paris well. Gardens are everywhere, art nouveau cafés and a 12-meter mechanical elephant awaits you at every turn.

Le Voyage à Nantes: This cultural path, marked by a green line on the ground, allows you to see the city’s main attractions while passing by noteworthy temporary art pieces.


A boat ride on its magnificent lake definitely yes! Let’s add some shopping time at the businesses, exploring its historic core, getting lost in its museums and a lot more to do out there.  It will all go according to plan! How much time does it take to fly there? Approximately two hours and forty minutes. A strange fact: Its university has housed 32 Nobel Laureates, including Albert Einstein, who studied there.


We’ll ignore the term city and input one of the islands that receives the most visitors each year. The Italian island, beyond its stereotype of yachts and champagne toasts, has a variety of activities. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery – Instagram needs these views. And over 7,000 nuraghes (magical structures dating back to the Bronze Age) are just a few examples.

You should go to: Bosa, hidden away from the crowds which is considered as one of the most beautiful Italy’s villages.


In this case what you need to do, is to count how much will it take you to land in the capital of the Czech Republic. Perhaps one Europe’s most stunning baroque cities.  Give yourself the freedom to be charmed by its magnificent castles and as the sun sets after a day of exploring its cobblestone streets, there’s no better way to replenish your batteries than in one of its traditional taverns. The Astronomical Clock, the world’s most famous medieval clock, is a must-see; we recommend climbing the tower.



Visit these places and thank us later 😊😍

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