Province of Macerata, clarifications by Parcaroli on the schools of Tolentino

MACERATA – “We are not working against anyone, but to ensure the safety of students, teachers and all school staff. The site of the former orphanage, in fact, not only is not seismically adequate, but does not even have assessments for vulnerability. For these reasons, therefore, there are no conditions to move there some of the classes that are now located in the former Quadrilatero premises ” . The President of the Province, Sandro Parcaroli , intervenes to explain the reasons for the non-transfer of some Filelfo classes to the historic centre.

“This is not a whim of mine – adds Parcaroli -, but a decision taken after several inspections and checks carried out on the premises of the former orphanage, which revealed the absence of a very important requirement in a fragile territory such as it is demonstrated that of Macerata, also following the earthquake shocks of 2016. To retrace what happened only in the last year, in fact, in August 2022 the Municipality of Tolentino has commissioned an engineer to draw up a sworn appraisal following which the Municipality itself has allocated 180 thousand for the repair work on the damage to the premises of the classical high school in the historic centre. The interventions are completed and, with the declaration of the construction manager on 3 March, they are once again usable (in the same conditions as before the 2016 earthquake), but not sufficiently to host a school. In fact, the study of seismic vulnerability has never been carried out in these premises, a preparatory study for a possible adaptation project and any work necessary to achieve seismic adaptation, which is not present to date”.

The President also recalls that “the Province is continuing to work on the construction of the new campus in the Pace district, which will make suitable and safe spaces available to future students and all staff. After the publication of the notice in June, the tender for the identification of the company that will have to carry out the executive design and then proceed with the works will be concluded within the month of July”.

The center will be divided into three distinct buildings and will be able to accommodate up to a thousand students, divided into 44 classes. The whole structure will be accessible to people with disabilities and, in the external part of the pole, there will also be large green spaces, pedestrian paths and four areas reserved for parking.

“Finally, I would like to thank all the technical apparatus of the Province – concludes Parcaroli – who, with seriousness and administrative competence, have been able to put the safety of the children at the center of their work”.

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