A Stroll Along the Enchanted River of San Vittore di Cingoli

The town of Cingoli, also known as the “Balcony of Marche,” is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its historic center, nestled within medieval castle walls, houses noble palaces, churches, and museums that are worth a visit. The municipality boasts an extensive territory, rich in natural beauty.

In the small hamlet of San Vittore, you will find a magical place that I want to introduce you to: the Enchanted River.

The Birth of the Enchanted River Its story speaks of community, a sense of belonging, a bond with the land, and hope for the future. It all began in 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, when the residents of San Vittore dreamed of seeing their nearby river again and spending days along its banks, just like they did when they were children.

Their goal was to restore the Musone River, which runs through the charming village of San Vittore, to its former glory. Quietly, some residents started clearing its shores, which were invaded by waste, brambles, and thorns.

At first, only a few believed in this project, but the group of volunteers gradually grew larger, and a small dream magically turned into reality. Thanks to the strength of the community, the Enchanted River now offers its gifts to both young and old, who spend carefree days here.

Thanks to the volunteers’ efforts, it is now possible to walk along the riverbanks and, most importantly, encounter many gnomes, or rather “Gnombù,” and listen to their tales and the melodies of nature.

Discovering the Enchanted River The Enchanted River features three enchanting paths, each more beautiful than the other, stretching for about 2 km:

  1. Nature Path (Percorso natura) : This trail runs alongside the river and allows you to immerse yourself completely in nature.
  2. Fairy Tale Path (Percorso fiabesco) : Dedicated to the little ones, this path offers the opportunity to connect with nature while still enjoying the beauty of magical creatures and captivating tales.
  3. Bamboo Forest (: This path winds through the small grove adjacent to the Badia di San Vittore, also known as Villa Foligno-Della Rovere, an ancient Benedictine monastery from the 11th century. Along the trail, you can also admire an ancient fountain with a washbasin.

A visit to the Enchanted River in San Vittore di Cingoli is a journey into a world of wonder and community spirit. Thanks to the dedication and passion of local volunteers, the river has been restored to its former glory, becoming a place of joy and enchantment for all ages. The three delightful paths allow visitors to immerse themselves in nature, listen to captivating stories, and bask in the melodies of this magical place.

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