Exploring Foliage with Our Four-Legged Companions: 5 Ideas for a Weekend in Marche, Italy

As November arrives, the phenomenon of foliage showcases its extraordinary splendor, painting the Marche region with the typical autumnal shades. It’s the perfect time to indulge in outdoor walks and explore the captivating landscapes. And what could be more delightful than bringing along our four-legged friends?

For us, strolling through autumn landscapes is a joy, but for our furry companions, it’s an enchanting experience beyond compare. Dogs love to roam through woods, sniffing new scents, and frolicking amid the falling leaves. Taking our dogs for a walk during autumn offers a fantastic opportunity for both us and them to relish the outdoors, fostering physical and mental well-being.

Here are five simple ideas for a day trip in Marche, where you and your furry friend can relish the breathtaking foliage, discovering natural parks, reserves, and charming villages immersed in autumn’s allure. However, remember that before embarking on any nature trail, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the behavioral rules to ensure the safety and protection of wildlife, flora, fauna, and your beloved canine companion.

What is Foliage? Foliage is one of the most photographed natural events globally, during which tree leaves transition from vibrant greens to a palette of yellows, oranges, reds, and finally browns. This autumnal chromatic transformation occurs gradually, influenced by the temperature fluctuations between day and night, creating genuine masterpieces of nature.

5 Suggestions to Experience Foliage Together with Our Four-Legged Friends:

  1. San Bartolo: Breathtaking Colors and Timeless Villages Autumn in Parco San Bartolo is an unforgettable experience, offering a chance to stroll through natural wonders and historical sites. Embark on the route 2 of the park to appreciate the scenic beauty and cultural richness of one of Marche’s green lungs. This two-hour round trip connects the village of Fiorenzuola di Focara to the charming panoramic point “Tetto del Mondo,” passing through the enchanting village of Casteldimezzo. Your canine companion will undoubtedly cherish these moments of outdoor bliss.

2. Faggeta di Canfaito: The Queen of Foliage Enter the Faggeta di Canfaito, located within the Regional Natural Reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito, where nature reigns supreme. Here, majestic beech trees dominate the reserve, with one standout faggio (beech tree) boasting a remarkable age of 500 years, a true marvel to behold. The trail number 6, covering approximately 4.5 km, is a pet-friendly loop trail, allowing you and your dog to relish the extraordinary beauty of one of Marche’s most picturesque locations.

3. Parco del Cardeto: An Urban Green Lung in Ancona A surprising natural environment, offering breathtaking 360° panoramic views. Situated within Ancona’s urban center, Parco del Cardeto is a haven for those seeking nature’s rejuvenating embrace just steps away from the city’s treasures. Olive trees, cypresses, and broom bushes frame this green oasis overlooking the sea. In autumn, the visual spectacle becomes even more striking. Taking your dog for a leisurely walk in Parco del Cardeto will refresh both your minds and bodies, creating an enjoyable experience as you explore new areas together.

4. Tallacano and Its Forest Canyon Equipped with a backpack, comfortable shoes, and a leash, venture into one of the most incredible canyons in Marche: the Sasso Spaccato (or Tassinara) of Tallacano, located in the Acquasanta Terme district. Tallacano, a captivating medieval village, unfortunately remains inaccessible due to the 2016 earthquake, but it is surrounded by areas of great natural interest. A half-hour walk through a forest of centuries-old chestnut trees will lead you to the impressive Sasso Spaccato, a deep crevice in the rock created by natural water and wind erosions. Follow the indications to the church of San Pietro, branching off from the dirt road at the village’s entrance, to reach this breathtaking site.

5. The Bosco del Cugnolo: A Treasured Nature and Romance Retreat An invigorating walk for all, set in an incomparable natural setting within one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. We find ourselves in Torre di Palme, a fraction of Fermo, specifically within the Bosco del Cugnolo, a protected floristic area, sheltering typical Mediterranean shrub species. A pleasant trail, starting from the historic center of Torre di Palme, leads you into the heart of the Bosco, where you can slowly admire the autumnal charm in one of Italy’s most unique natural environments. Additionally, for those interested, it is possible to visit the evocative Grotta degli Amanti, where the tragic love story of Antonio and Laurina unfolded.

November in Marche offers a visual feast with its enchanting foliage. Embrace the season by exploring the region’s natural wonders alongside your loyal canine companion. These pet-friendly destinations will not only nurture your bond with your furry friend but also leave you with cherished memories of autumn’s splendor in this captivating part of Italy.

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